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‘Reject’ premieres at the 37th Cleveland International Film Festival

Hello everyone!

I recently came back from the 37th Cleveland International Film Festival where I had the pleasure to attend the premiere of ‘Reject‘, the wonderful film directed by Ruth Thomas. As some of you might already know I wrote the soundtrack for this film – it’s a unique feeling to be sitting in a packed movie theater being able to listen to your music that way… Adrenaline!

Reject‘ was incredibly well received, every screening was sold out and this (my ego aside) made me particularly happy because of the message the movie carries, informing more and more people about the very important subject of social rejection.

I’d like to thank once again Ruth Thomas, Peter Brauer, Kurt Engfehr who did a stellar job with this project. The Cleveland team was amazing, impeccable organization. Thank you Brenda Benthien for your kindness and all the festival associates and volunteers.


L to R: Peter Brauer (producer/editor), Prof. Kip Williams (social psychology expert), Ruth Thomas (director/producer), Dr. Herbert E. Thomas (author of ‘The Shame Response to Rejection’), Simone Giuliani (composer)

ImageWhile at the festival I watched some other great films: Good Ol’ Freda directed by Ryan White, the amazing story of Freda Kelly, the Beatles‘ secretary.

I had the luck of sharing a ride from the airport with Freda and we hit it off, what a wonderful lady.  Here’s me and Freda at the festival HQ.


A beautiful film I watched is Rafea: Solar Mama directed by the über-talented Mona Eldaief.

This is the incredible story of a Bedouin woman, Rafea, who travels to India to become a solar engineer. If she succeeds, she will be able to electrify her village, train more engineers, and provide for her daughters.

That’s all for now folks! I’m writing you from Bass Hit Studios in New York where I’m producing the new Monday Michiru album, she sounds amazing – stay tuned for more news and enjoy the Spring.

Music power,