The Happening releases new album, “Miles Away from America”

The Happening – “Miles Away from America”

About 17 years ago I watched a film that impacted my life enormously and completely shifted my approach to music (and the meaning behind it). This movie was “1 Giant Leap” by Jamie Catto & Duncan Bridgeman. I made it my mission to meet with them and so I did: I met with Jamie a few years later in New York – since then we became good friends and worked on some interesting projects together around the world, just like how it’s supposed to be… ✨

After some time,  Jamie invited me to be a part of The Happening, an eclectic gathering of musicians from all over the world meeting in a different place everytime to spend time together and create freely, creating spontaneous music from the heart. This album is the beautiful result of one of these gatherings , it has been recorded live in a very old monastery’s rectory near Stonehenge in England – we all setup in a circle in the great hall, improvising, writing and recording this musical Polaroid, inspired by a distant image of a dream about America.

Enjoy this “behind the scene” little gem by Alex Forster:


The Happening – “Miles Away from America” (L to R) Dave Randall, Renaud-Gabriel Pion, Simone Giuliani, Jamie Catto, Alex Forster, Simone White, Matt Webb

Thank you Jamie for creating the space for this to happen, you magical genius!

Thank you to all my fellow music nomads involved, here’s who they are so you can check their other projects too:

Jamie Catto – Vocals

Alex Forster – Guitars, Percussion and Synth

Simone Giuliani – Keyboards

Renaud-Gabriel Pion – Bass Clarinet, Bass Flute and EWI

Dave Randall – Guitars

India Rose – Backing Vocals

Matt Webb – Double Bass

Simone White – Lead vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Sam Pelly – Photography

Enjoy and buy it!

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