The Happening new album: ‘These Are My Diamonds’


Good people! The Happening new album ‘These Are My Diamonds’ is out!

Please support the artists and get it on iTunes  – don’t forget to write a few words about it, thanks! ->

Here’s a promo video that our man Alex Forster made during the recordings:

What is The Happening?

The Happening is a gathering of eclectic musicians from different musical backgrounds coming from allover the world to meet in a special location for one week, to write and record improvised and spontaneous music.

The natural chemistry between musicians is the most important thing when writing and creating something out of nowhere, and Jamie Catto, the creator of this unbelievable project, is a master at choosing the people who will be part of The Happening. It feels like we have all known each other for many years, when in fact sometimes, we only meet for the first time to record the album.

I’m very grateful and blessed to be a part of ‘These Are My Diamonds’ with Dave Randall on guitars, Renaud-Gabriel Pion on woodwinds, Lévon Minassian on duduk, Alex Forster on the sound board/co-producing,  Suzy Von Sonntag, Leon Schultz, Jens Scheuter, Vince DeCicco, and Louis McGuire.

Onto the next musical adventure…

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