Image has always been a very important factor in entertainment, but it has now surpassed any previous expectations.

There is a certain quality about the marriage of globalization and media and it lies in the fact that entertainment is now more than ever a big escape from the magnitude of real-life social and environmental atrocities happening and perhaps it will soon be the only outlet left.

For a person who doesn’t work in the entertainment industry or is not part of it,  it has become more natural and very rewarding to be part of a TV show, to recognize his or her story in the lyrics of a song, to feel an active character of a play or simply being part of a live crowd.

People want to belong. People don’t want to be left out.
People don’t want to feel abandoned. People want to be part of IT.
People want to be in the loop. We all want to be in the loop.

But is there even a loop? I think it looks more like a gigantic rubber band being stretched endlessly.

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